Give to the departed eternal rest. Let light perpetual shine upon them.


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In Memoriam...


We Pray For Departed Loved Ones...

Mike, Marian, Jack


We Pray For All Casualties of War, Including US Troops:

11-03-2013 Robertson, Forrest W., Sergeant 1st Class, 35, U. S. Army, Kansas, Westmoreland

10-20-2013 Grant, Christopher O., Lance Corporal, 20, U.S. Marine, Louisiana, Richwood
10-18-2013 Turnbull, Lyle D., Sergeant, 31, U. S. Army, Virginia, Norfolk

10-13-2013 Quinn, Patrick H., 26, U. S. Army, Pennsylvania, Quarryville

10-06-2013 Moreno, Jennifer M., 1st Lieutenant, 25, U. S. Army, California, San Diego
10-06-2013 Hawkins, Patrick C., Sergeant, 25, U. S. Army, Pennsylvania, Carlisle
10-06-2013 Peters, Joseph M., Sergeant, 24, U. S. Army, Missouri, Springfield
10-06-2013 Patterson, Cody J., Private 1st Class, 24, U. S. Army, Oregon, Philomath
10-05-2013 Collins, Jeremiah M., Lance Corporal, 19, U.S. Marine, Wisconsin, Milwaukee
9-26-2013 Baysore, Jr., Thomas A., Staff Sergeant, 31, U. S. Army, Pennsylvania, Milton
9-22-2013 Gibson, Jonathan S., Chief Warrant Officer, 32, U.S. Navy, Oregon,
9-22-2013 Jones, Landon L., Lieutenant Commander, 35, U.S. Navy, California, Lompoc

9-21-2013 Nevins, Liam J., Staff Sergeant, 32, U. S. Army, Colorado, Denver

9-21-2013 McGill, Timothy R., Staff Sergeant, 30, U. S. Army, New Jersey, Ramsey

9-21-2013 Strickland, Joshua J., Specialist, 23, U. S. Army, Georgia, Woodstock

9-20-2013 Wickliffchacin, James T., 22, U. S. Army, Oklahoma, Edmond

9-19-2013 Brown III, William D., Sergeant, 44, U. S. Army, North Carolina, Franklin

9-13-2013 Thomas Jr., Robert E., Staff Sergeant, 24, U. S. Army, California, Fontana

9-05-2013 Lobraico Jr., Todd J., Staff Sergeant, 22, U. S. Air Force, Connecticut, New Fairfield

8-31-2013 Bowden, Joshua J., Staff Sergeant, 28, U. S. Army, Georgia, Villa Rica

8-28-2013 Ollis, Michael H., Staff Sergeant, 24, U. S. Army, New York, Staten Island

8-28-2013 Young, Ricardo D., Sergeant 1st Class, 34, U. S. Army, Arkansas, Rosston

8-26-2013 Togi, Jason, 1st Lieutenant, 24, U. S. Army, American Samoa, Pago Pago

8-06-2013 Welch, Nickolas S., Specialist, 26, U. S. Army, Oregon, Mill City

8-11-2013 Hicks, Jamar A., Sergeant, 22, U. S. Army, Arkansas, Little Rock

8-11-2013 Grace Jr., Keith E., Specialist, 26, U. S. Army, Texas, Baytown

8-11-2013 Herrera, Octavio, Staff Sergeant, 26, U. S. Army, Idaho, Caldwell

8-23-2013 Alvarez, Kenneth Clifford, Specialist, 23, U. S. Army, California, Santa Maria

8-23-2013 Hostetter, Jonathon Michael Dean, Private, 20, U. S. Army, Missouri, Humphreys

8-20-2013 Banner Jr., George A., Master Sergeant, 37, U.S. Army, Virginia, Orange