As our homepage states:  We're small in size but full of music, prayer, and the Holy Spirit-- and we really do welcome everyone!


Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


When are your services?


We celebrate Holy Eucharist on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. Usually on the third Sunday of each month, Morning Prayer is observed.  We also meet for Centering Prayer on Tuesdays at 9:00am.

What might I expect when attending on Sunday?


You may notice the church bell ringing several minutes before services begin at 10:00 am.  This signals quiet time for prayer and reflection. 


At the conclusion of services every Sunday, during the organ postlude, we remain in our seats for continued prayer and contemplation.  Announcements are made and we then gather in the Narthex, at the back of the church, for conversation and fellowship. 


What might I expect when attending Centering Prayer?


On Tuesday mornings you can join us at 9:00am for Centering Prayer.  We meet for about ½ hour. You can learn more about Centering Prayer from this link:


Is your church wheel chair accessible?


St. Thomas is wheel chair accessible.  A parking space is reserved by the sidewalk in the parking lot next door for someone needing access to the wheel chair ramp.   


Where can I park?


We have a small parking lot in back of the church.  Free parking is also available along both sides of Rt. 79. Two spaces are available in the lot next door for use by anyone needing wheelchair access.


What should I wear to the service?


St. Thomas is a relaxed parish, and we encourage congregants to wear whatever clothes they are most comfortable worshiping in. You may notice some congregants dressed up and others dressed more casually.


Do you have child care available?


Children are welcome to attend our services.  However, due to the size of our building we do not have a nursery or Sunday School program. 


Do I have to be Episcopalian in order to receive Communion?


Absolutely not. The Episcopal Church has an open Communion rail, and all baptized Christians are welcome to receive the Sacrament with us. Adults who are more comfortable not taking Communion and those who are not baptized are welcome to request a blessing from the clergy while at the rail.


Do I have to take Communion if I attend the service?


Absolutely not. Participation in Communion, as with any other aspect of the service, is entirely voluntary.


Will I fit in?


There is no set profile for a congregant at St. Thomas. We don’t think much about fitting in—we just fit together.