St. Thomas’ has not made a major issue of parish membership in many years; we have a good many regular worshippers whose official membership is actually somewhere else. However, folks sometimes would like to be formally listed as members of St. Thomas, and it’s not difficult to do. All that’s needed is a note (email works for this!) to your former parish’s office, requesting that they send a letter of transfer to St. Thomas.
Fr. Gruberth can provide mailing address information if needed. When that letter is received here, your membership will be recorded in our parish register. Sometimes, for various reasons, this procedure runs aground; most often it’s because your membership wasn’t ever recorded in the previous location. In such cases, Fr. Gruberth can enter your name in St. Thomas’ register and send a note to the previous parish that he has done so. Please let Fr. Gruberth know if you have any questions about transfers.