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Sitting Still Skills

“How do you teach kids to sit still and be quiet?” from Tricia at http://thedomesticfringe.com/no-fuss-parenting-teach-kids-to-sit-still/

 Tricia explains what happened when she decided to help her children learn to sit still:


1.    Every day we would practice. I would make my child sit with me on the couch while I read him a story. I wouldn’t let him jump 
      around or climb all over me. We would sit and read. At first it was one book and then two and three and more.

2.    Then we started listening to stories on CD. We would sit on the floor and just listen.

3.    My children sat and ate all of their meals at the table without getting up and walking around. They sat on the floor or at their little
      Clifford table and ate their snacks.

4.    We did little things all throughout the day in order to teach them this new skill.

5.    We sat in a chair at the table while we colored.

6.    We had quiet time every day where my children had to sit and do something like look through books, do puzzles, and play with


It took time. Lots of time. Lots of direction and redirection.  And patience.  But...After my children learned this

A wait at the doctors? No problem.

A ride on an airplane? Nailed it.

I took my kids everywhere with me. I didn’t have any family around to help me out, so where I went, my kids went, and I went a lot of places. I don’t know what I would have done if they never learned to sit still.