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Family Resources

Generally, Episcopalians believe in maintaining ancient liturgical traditions, and that is part of the beauty of our worship services. 
At St. Thomas’ we follow The Book of Common Prayer – we kneel, we stand, we sing, and pray.


One of our members wrote this for families...


Children are welcome at St. Thomas’. Some of the older folks in our congregation, who are grandparents now, brought their children to worship at our church many years ago. So, we know and understand how someone may feel uncomfortable walking through the front door with a wee one in tow. We encourage you to come on in and bring the family!

Because our space is small, we can’t boast of a “great fellowship hall” or “the nicest nursery in town,” but we do offer the chance for babies, youngsters, teens, and adults to join in the celebration of God’s love.


Together we can

witness, participate in, and experience

the outpouring of the Holy Spirit among us.


If you would like to bring a coloring book or something to keep your child occupied that is fine. We also have “listening” pages for early readers to fill in during the service. If you are concerned about your child’s ability to sit still, don't worry. They will learn with practice.


Now, if you are still feeling reluctant about bringing your children to church, perhaps this blog post will convince you to give it a try: “To You Who Bring Small Children to Church” by Steven Hunter.



For further details check our Visitors Information page, contact Father Cole at cole@stthomasslaterville.org, or contact our clerk at clerk@stthomasslaterville.org.